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Hindsight has always been my closest friend. Looking back, memories, the whole deal. The warmest thoughts and companions have always been the ones I looked back at. There’s dwelling and equal parts cherishing the things that have come and gone, and looking back on them and relishing the feeling of what could’ve been and how they’ve changed. The future has, at best, been an idealistic dream so far in the future it’s almost unrecognizable. That’s always the way its been, and the most help that’s brought is blissful ignorance. I’ve always hoped for a chance to really turn my life around; to become a better version of myself. As I’m writing this, I know full well that the chance is here. I have a loving and supporting person in my life, the person of my dreams! I’m studying to do what I truly want to do! All I have to do is push. All the chances are here right now. I know that if I fail now, there will probably be other chances down the road, but none of them will ever be like this. This is the stars lining up for me. This is my chance. 

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